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•Launch Date : 2016-03-24
•Launch Time : 11:00 AM EST
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  • Do you want to save money on your marketing costs?

  • Do you want to reach out to the whole marketplace?
  • Do you want to easily manage your marketing campaigns?

If so, you need TextDeliver!

The social climate is always changing and this provides a few problems for those who are looking to truly make the most of their marketing potential and reach the widest variety of customers that they can, customers both old and new.

As the climate is always shifting you face the problem that as soon as you have formulated what you feel to be an effective marketing campaign and started to implement it the climate has shifted in such a way as to render it completely ineffective.

How do you effectively communicate with your customers?

Businesses face opposition on this front from a variety of factors. Let’s examine some of them below;

  • Decrease in Sales – The climate is never truly secure and many businesses are finding their revenues to be unpredictable.

This means that you are going to be even keener to avoid wasting money on ineffective and expensive marketing campaigns if they are going to be poorly managed and completely miss their targets!

  • Poor Marketing Management – It is no good simply throwing together some sort of advertisement and pushing it out into the public domain to see what happens.

If you are going to spend any money at all on your marketing you need to make sure that it is properly formulated and directed to the people who are going to take the most from it.

  • Customer Retention and Acquisition – Customers don’t simply do all the work when it comes to engaging with your business. You have to make the effort to engage with them too otherwise they will head straight to your competition.

You need to cultivate your own community and make sure your customers are personally invested in your business. Focussing on constantly reaching new customers is going to do you no good if you simply ignore the ones you already have.

  • How to reach them – Email campaigns are very effective. There’s no doubt about that. They’re cheap, easy to manage and effective. But there is still an even more effective solution out there!

If you’re busy running a business you quite naturally want to make sure that you are putting no extra effort in your marketing than you really have to. You also want to make sure that it effectively reaches the largest number of people possible.

The larger the net and the wider you cast it, the more bountiful the catch will be!


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was an easy, cheap and effective way to communicate with your current customers and reach out to all new ones?


But there is one! It’s called TextDeliver!

Text Deliver is an incredible solution to the problem businesses face when trying to effectively market to their customers both old and new.

TextDeliver is a plugin that manages your text message marketing campaign. SMS (Short Message Service) is what we all know as a ‘text’ and though it’s certainly old technology the simple truth of the matter is that it is still incredibly popular.

Vast numbers of people communicate by text on a daily basis. You’ve heard it all before about how people these days spend more time looking at their phones than they do looking at each other; that means you’re in a prime position to effectively target your SMS marketing campaign!

There’s also the simple fact that far more people open SMS messages than open emails. So while email marketing is still very effective, it pales in comparison to SMS when you consider just how many people are going to see your message!

So what are the benefits of TextDeliver?

  • Easy List Upload – TextDeliver makes it easier than ever to upload your current list of contact details of your proposed marketing audience. Within moments you can have your marketing campaign set up and ready to go!
  • Seamless Integration – If you’re already using API software such as Twilio, CallRail or Plivo you don’t have to worry about TextDeliver conflicting with them. TextDeliver has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your current marketing solutions.
  • Email Compliance – TextDeliver also works incredibly easy with any email auto-responder technology that you may be using. This means that you are able to manage and maintain and incredible effective marketing campaign without the hassle, maintenance and expense that is commonly associated with them.
  • Analytics – A marketing campaign is no use to you unless you know exactly how well it has performed so you can constantly fine-tune it to be as effective as possible.
  • Broadcast/Sequence – TextDeliver allows you to manage either a one off broadcast message to your contacts or to set up a message to be delivered on the date/time of your choice. (E.g. daily at 9 am)
  • Lead Capture Builder – You can easily create and customise before publishing a landing page that has been designed specifically to allow your customers to provide their contact numbers/email addresses.
  • Easy Embedding – TextDelivery will be easily embedded into any 3rd party template or builder creator that you happen to be using. This allows you to easily capture new leads straight to TextDelivery.
  • Keyword Capture – Find new leads by getting potential new customers to text a keyword of your choice to a short code.

SMS is a truly incredible way of reaching a wide variety of customers cheaply, easily and effectively!

Don’t waste money on bloated, ineffective and ultimately unproductive marketing campaigns when you have TextDeliver right at your fingertips!

TextDeliver has been designed to be incredibly intuitive to use, allowing you to gain access to the incredible array of benefits it has to offer without needing to waste time learning a whole new program.

TextDeliver – effective marketing made easy!

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